INSULATED DRY FREIGHT BODIES used for transportation in controlled temperature.

Include two ranges of insulation in accordance with the guidelines of the ATP agreement. The basic classification of insulated bodies is an overall heat transfer coefficient – k.

  • normal isolation N) with k from 0.4 to 0.7W / (m²·K),
    Bodywork class FNA is adapted to transport refrigerated goods (temp. range from 0 ° C to +12°C).
  • reinforced insulation R) with k ≤0.4 W /(m²·K),
    An FRC class body work allows to transport food at temperatures from -20°C to+ 12°C (including deep freezing, frozen and chilled articles).

We offer various configurations of INSULATED BODIES tailored to your business. These are box bodies on a subframe and insulation vans.

Call us – our specialists will help you choose the most optimal solution.